• “Inside Google’s Battle For Your Brain”
  • “How to Win More Scholarships” (students and parents)
  • “Google Adwords For Ninjas”
  • “Intensive Resume Workshop For New Graduates”
  • “How I Made $575,000 With Google Adsense”



Get “Confessions of a Scholarship Judge” instantly for just $4.99

  • “The Judge knows his stuff, spares us the trivia, highlights what needs to be and renders tangential what should be and does it all with humor, incisiveness and style.”
  • “This unique little book provided a unique perspective on the college scholarship application process that I have not seen anywhere else.”
  • “I wish I had had this type of advice 752+ years ago when I was vying for college scholarships. Good stuff!”
  • “Spectacular book!! Must have if you or someone you know are planning on going to school.”
  • “I used this book when applying for my foundation scholarship, and I got it. I recommend this book, and i followed this guy’s advice and it worked for me.”
“Packed with useful info., timely and most of all entertaining!! Judge Josh has found a way to revive this topic at a time when student loans are harder to get and scholarships are very competitive.”
Jay Crossland, My Company
“Good little read. I borrowed it under Amazon Prime.The sample essays and his critiques at the end of the book are like a good set of helpful DOs and DON’Ts.Parents and students need to read through this together. Helps aspiring graduate students too!”

Tsungai Elaine Mutongwizo
, My Company
“I hate buying something without a review, but I decided to try this one anyway. It has some very good tips that I haven’t seen anywhere else, such as “Get your application out of the stack.” I wouldn’t buy the hard copy, but there is a digital version at lulu.”
Pickled Kitty, My Company
“Must have for anyone with family heading to college. Cheap advice from someone who has actually judged countless scholarships? I wish I’d had it when I was applying for school!”
Steve Isaacs, My Company

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