It’s the evening of July 4th, and I just stepped out onto my back porch and watched a fireworks display at the baseball stadium a few blocks away. The lights and booms don’t do much for me anymore, but as I get older, I am doing my best to be a good citizen and try to put my brain on what exactly this all means. Especially when we’re at war. Dad and Josh, 1974 I am a fat, lazy American (those snickerdoodles I was stuffing down my hole while watching the fireworks weren’t helping any). I am 1,000 miles away from my children, voluntarily, on a mini-vacation with my wife, setting up a second home where we hope to spend vacations over the next few years. I’ve bought more consumer-crap creature comforts over the last three days than most people buy in a year. And to top it all off, I work in advertising, where I spend my professional life convincing people to buy stuff they don’t really need, and half the time probably don’t even really want. At the same time, I recognize that there are over 100,000 men and women in uniform serving in war zones overseas who would give just about anything to be serving up a hot dog to their kids and tossing a ball around, watching those fireworks that I’m too lazy to attend, even though they’re about a 3-minute drive away. Josh, Mom & Dad – 1979 So if there’s anyone in this country who better goddamn well stand up and show respect for the people who make America […]