You don’t have to be a parent to know that children of a certain age are fond of asking crazy questions. The most common, of course, is the generic “why?”, but at least there’s always an answer for that one (even if it takes you a little while to think of that answer). Tougher still are the curveballs of all varieties: the absurd ( “Why can’t I be a potato when I grow up?”); the darling (“Can we just all live in this house together, even after I’m a grown-up and an old lady?); and the devastating (“What if we don’t all stay together after we die? What if I die first?”). One thing you don’t really count on, though, are really good questions with cut-and-dried answers — that you just don’t know. There’s nothing like an inquisitive five-year-old to show you what an effeminate pansy you are. Case in point: We’re driving to school this morning, and our route takes us through a town with handful of trailer parks visible from the road. A new arrival is sitting at the entrance to the park, still on a flatbed. Ezra is intrigued. “How’d they put the wheels on those houses, Dad?” Well, I say — they just came with wheels on them. “Can we put wheels on our house?” This is day 2 of this wheeled-house conversation. A house-car hybrid is something he could really get into. We can’t put wheels on our house, I say. Even if we could, I wouldn’t know how to go about such a thing. And then Mia pipes in. “Daddy, how are tires made?” Just like that. “How are tires […]