It was just last week that I was reading some collection of hilariously devious responses to wrong number texts, and I remember while I was reading them, I thought, “I can tell I’m getting old, because there’s no way I would prank someone like that.” Turns out, I’m not nearly as mature as I thought I was. This morning I got two calls in a row from a strange number, and I didn’t answer because I stopped answering mystery calls probably five years ago. A few minutes later, from the same number, I get this text: “Did u tell Clyde we fucked? — ~Nay-Nay~” Man, sending me that kind of ripe text is no way to quell my inner 14-year-old. Despite the fact that there are exactly SEVEN words in that text, there are three separate humor packets in there: The fact that there’s a dude named “Clyde” (I grew up in the 80s so I thought only Hollywood orangutans and shooting guards were named Clyde), a girl calling herself “Nay-Nay” and of course, the fact that apparently Clyde was getting all up in that Nay-Nay. (I wonder what their kids would be named…) So I decided to take a half-measure and not totally prank them, but try to toss a bit of humor in there, too. You can’t get a setup like that and just piss away the ready-made opportunity to make SOMETHING out of it. So I said: “I didn’t, but that’s because you have the wrong number and I don’t know anyone named Clyde. But if I meet him, I still won’t tell him. You get yours, girl!” I thought that would lead to a chuckle […]