Well hello there. Come right on in.

I’m Josh. I’m a single father of 3 kids and I live in Rapid City, S.D., although I prefer to call it “Rapid Rock City,” a la “Detroit Rock City.” I’m a writer, speaker, thinker and hell-raiser.

I’m an Internet advertising expert, especially where pay-per-click search engine and Facebook advertising are concerned. I own and founded StraightForward Interactive, which is where I do all that kind of work.

I’m also an expert on scholarships and how to get them, and resumes and how to perfect them. I have a website for that, too: OutlawStudent.com, and a book called “Confessions of a Scholarship Judge.” I’m knowledgeable about some other things, but am also to happy to talk at length about things I know very little about.

Some people think I’m a little full of myself. Others don’t think that at all. Depending on the moment, they’re both right.

I founded Voice Against Violence,  a nonprofit aimed at using technology tools to reduce domestic violence.

I enjoy foreign languages a great deal. I can get by in Spanish, French, German, Italian and sign language. I’ve studied Russian and Japanese, but you don’t want to lean on me as your tour guide for those countries.

I spend most of my time working, writing and raising my kids.

I’m very interested in how technology is changing our lives, and how the “Digital Divide” is creating haves and have-nots, and how we can change that.

I enjoy working out with weights, boxing and jujitsu. I’m not a master of any of those, but I like them. I don’t really want to fight anybody (I never have), but I do enjoy the idea of being able to vanquish foes if the necessity arises. I would like my kids to have the same confidence.

I’m an extremely transparent person. I hide very little from the world at large, including personal information as well as other information that others might find embarrassing or shameful. I don’t feel shame or embarrassment as intensely as most folks, I guess.

I write songs for singers, and raps for rappers.

I am a boomeranger; I grew up in South Dakota, left for many years, and then came back in 2006. I like it here. I like other bigger and more exciting places, too; when I get the itch to be in one of those places, I go visit one, and then come back home to my slower-paced home.

When I travel, I try to eat at obscure ethnic restaurants as often as I can. Then I try to find some gourmet ice cream place afterward. Because I really like ethnic food and ice cream.

I really enjoy speaking to college students. I relate to them well, probably because I am a giant rowdy child inside an older guy’s body.

Some jobs I held BEFORE starting my ad agency: reporter, editor, photographer, janitor, cab driver, summer school teacher, basketball scorekeeper, McDonald’s cook, dishwasher, delivery driver, graphic designer, college instructor.

Some jobs I’ve done AFTER starting my ad agency: plasma donor (I was really strapped for cash), Auto Trader delivery guy (see: plasma donor), speaker, consultant, trainer, expert witness.

I was once kidnapped by police in Tijuana. Much to the chagrin of some, I was returned safely.

I once won a jalapeno-eating contest, but the results were incorrectly tallied. I should’ve lost. I still live with the guilt. Ryan McElgunn, if you’re out there…this trophy really belongs to you, and we both damn well know it.