Google Adwords Consulting

The bulk of my professional career has been spent neck-deep in Google Adwords. In 2001, I founded StraightForward Interactive as a pay-per-click search engine advertising agency. To my knowledge it was the first agency focused solely on PPC advertising, but I don’t know that with certainty because we weren’t keeping track of such things back then.

Let’s put it this way: I’ve been all over the world and have yet to find anyone who’s been doing it LONGER than I have.┬áThe results of my relentless focus on Google Adwords are as follows:

  1. I’m not cheap. Let’s put it this way: I charge more per hour than most attorneys.
  2. When I open my mouth, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been called as an expert witness in an Adwords-related intellectual property lawsuit. I’ve managed a multi-million dollar account that was being targeted with programmatic fraud by an Eastern European human-smuggling syndicate — and I won. For one large adult-industry client, I identified half a million dollars of wasted spending in less than two hours. For a large hotel and casino, it took me 10 minutes to identify $2,800 of spending promoting a rock concert two months AFTER the concert had already happened.
  3. Hiring me as an Adwords consultant produces value far in excess of my cost. I’m high-ROI. In the rare situations in which I get into a consulting agreement and find that I can’t provide a high return, I return my fees.
  4. I’m a fixer. If your Adwords account is a bloody mess like the inside of the car in the famous Pulp Fiction scene, I’m the guy you call to fix the problem so that you can go watch your kid’s soccer game and then get a good night of sleep.

You may be thinking that the entire discipline of pay-per-click search advertising is bigger than Google Adwords consulting. What about Bing, Yahoo!, and the dozen other second-tier PPC engines out there? Yes, we use and have expertise with those as well, but I only accept consulting engagements for Google Adwords.

Why? Adwords has been the market leader for 10+ years. Its level of support, features, reliability and market share have never been challenged. It has always been 10 steps ahead of competitors, and that remains true today. Because of this, 95% of my years in the industry have been dedicated to Adwords and its intricacies; competitors come and go, and frankly, they’re not worth the same time and attention. The most worthy PPC competitor Google Adwords has ever had is the current iteration of BingAds, which serves PPC search ads to Bing and Yahoo! — and it still lags years behind Adwords.

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